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Faye Hudson

Hudson-Samrock-web--10Faye Hudson handles the administrative tasks of Equilibrio Massage, assisting us from her home on a part-time basis while raising her daughter, Daisy.

Originating from northern California, Faye majored in Drama and Music at San Francisco State University. She subsequently moved to New York City for 6 years where she produced theatre and met her future husband. Seeking a California lifestyle again, they moved to San Diego in 2003. Though theater was her initial passion, working as an administrative professional was how she survived. She merged her skills with her quest to improve the quality of people’s lives and chose work with nonprofit organizations, health and wellness practitioners (chiropractors and massage therapists), as well as in mental health when she worked as a Program Specialist for a brand new dual-diagnosis treatment and residential facility here in San Diego.

After many years of receiving massage therapy for a back injury and also for general wellness, Faye was introduced to Equilibrio Massage as a prenatal client in early 2007. She gave birth to her daughter in June of that year and, reeling from a difficult labor and pre-eclampsia, continued on to receive healing through post-partum massage. She continues to enjoy regular massage therapy and is happy to assist a company dedicated to bringing the myriad health benefits of massage to expectant mothers and their families.