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Tianna Barr, CMT, HHP

Tianna is a Certified Massage Therapist by the California Massage Therapy Counsel, and has graduated from Pacific College with a dual certification in Massage & Bodywork as well as her specialty of Pre and Perinatal massage. She has also trained with Spinning Babies and is weaving that into her practice.”

Tianna supports birthing families as both a labor and postpartum doula as a natural extension of her pregnancy massage practice. She thrives in a welcoming community of birth workers who support and guide women through the transformative journey that is birth. Becoming an ally and encouraging women has become a staple of her practice. She aims to embody her motto to “massage with purpose” at any given chance, integrating wellness into the many facets of life.

We won’t be surprised to see her jumping into midwifery school in the next few years!

Movement has always been an important part of her life and she is currently studying to be a yoga teacher.

During breaks in her day, Tianna finds any way to pick up artistic inspiration. Expression is her favorite form of relaxation. From painting to crafting, it doesn’t take much for Tianna to integrate wellness into the many facets of her life. When not supporting families, Tianna can be found loving up her fur babies at home.

“Amazing! I had the most wonderful massage by Tianna at 34 weeks pregnant. My husband booked the Divine Mama massage for me and I’m so thankful he did. It’s been a hot summer and I’ve been so uncomfortable and experiencing a lot of lower back pain and having trouble sleeping. During and after the massage is the most relaxed I’ve felt all pregnancy. The pillow set up was awesome and now I’m doing something similar at home while sleeping. I would go back everyday if I could! Tiana was amazing and I will recommend her to all my pregnant friends!” From Yelp.