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All I want for Christmas is…

Dear Santa Claus,

All I want for Christmas this year is restored, natural alignment and…just one unassisted pull up in 2013 if you can manage that!!




What’s on this massage therapist’s Holiday gift list? While I’m forever a fan of relaxing, pampering gifts, you’re not going to find essential oils, candles and herbal teas on this list. And we will forever be a fans of gift certificates for massage.  But this year , I am wishing for wellness for my loved ones through optimal body alignment. (NOTE to my mom: Spoiler alert!!! Click away from this page, please.)

Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls

These self massage/deep tissue balls  are made of a special rubber that grips at your skin, grabs at multiple layers of muscles, and rubs out adhesions and tension, providing a deep tissue massage. Includes mesh drawstring carrying tote. $9.95 for the pair at Yoga Tune Up.  Check out this crazy video of the Yoga Tune Up creator working out her neck muscles. (ignore the super manly loud crossfit talking over her the entire video 😉 ).

Fancy Deep Tissue Foam Roller

This is another “self massager” that functions more similarly to a standard foam roller. The manufacturer writes: “The RumbleRoller manipulates soft tissue – Like a Massage Therapist! The RumbleRoller contains specially designed bumps that are firm, but flexible, much like the thumbs of a massage therapist. As you roll over the RumbleRoller, the bumps knead the contours of your body, gently stretching soft tissue (muscle and fascia) in multiple directions. This erodes trigger points, restores flexibility, and relieves muscular pain.” The RumbleRoller comes in different sizes and firmness levels for different bodies. The RumbleRoller is available on Amazon from $45 to $69, depending on size.

Pull Up Assist Bands

Since I started HANGING from my pull up bar every day, all of my neck and shoulder computer ailments disappeared! Seriously.  What a powerful stretch all the way down to my waist! Just hanging for increasing amounts of time builds strength in all the right areas to restore the balance in our shoulder girdles that we destroy with all the driving and computer/gadget use. Hanging is also a reminder to always have “just enough” tension in those hands and forearms. I am now totally committed to doing full, unassisted pull ups..eventually. But for now, I need a little help. Some adjustable resistance Pull Up bands will fit nicely in my stocking! These run about $30 on (depending on how heavy you are, how strong you are, and how many you need!)

Happy Feet socks and Toe Spacers

Healthy feet are where it all starts. Back pain? Neck pain? We can trace it all the way down to your feet. Even if it was an acute injury (car accident), the health of your feet can affect your alignment in a way that slows your healing or acerbates the injury. Healthy feet start with flexibility and mobility. Can you still spread your toes wide? Are you wearing shoes with a tight toe box that is squeezes your toes together? There are all sorts of great toe aligners on the market. For about $20, you can adjustable “toe alignment” socks from My Happy Feet. You can also get “yoga toes” for about $40 (pictured here). A much cheaper option, but less durable, are pedicure toe spacers from the drugstore, running about $1.25. These are so helpful when you are already suffering from bunions, corns and foot pain, and a must have for “shoe lovers” who regularly abuse their feet with high heels and tiny toe-squishing toe boxes.

Squatty Potty

I, too, used to think this was a “bathroom extremist”‘s accessory (I say that with love, Mom. xoxo). But…after spending much of the last year really working on my body alignment and trying to promote natural, functional movements, I kinda want my own Squatty Potty now. Digestive health certainly depends on what we eat, but there is a mechanical, alignment element to it, too. Squatting several times a day also keeps our hips and back healthy! The Squatty Potty ranges in price from $35 to $79, and is definitely a little too big for standard stockings. Oh ya, and this is BRILLIANT for mamas-to-be who want to prepare their bodies for birth.

Massage gift certificates.

And, of course, my favorite…gift certificates for massage! We have gift certificates available on our website in any dollar amount. You will receive the gift certificate instantly after your purchase.

Wishing all of our friends, family, clients and their families a happy, stress-free holiday season full of joy and love!




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