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Massage after baby: Mega dose that oxytocin postpartum!

We are excited to roll out our new Postpartum Care packages this June!  Massage can help you and your entire family adjust through the postpartum recovery period. It taps into your body’s physiology to ease this process reducing stress, alleviating physical discomforts, supporting bonding, and helping everybody sleep…read more →

“No More Puffy”: a New Treatment

“No More Puffy”: a New Treatment

We are excited to add a new treatment to our Pregnancy Massage menu this winter! “No More Puffy” is a 75-minute bodywork session focused on Manual Lymphatic Drainage that helps ease swelling and edema related to pregnancy. A little extra puffiness is familiar territory in…read more →

We’ve got a crush on you!

We’ve got a crush on you!

I gotta say. We’ve got a crush on you. While we love our pregnant mamas the most, we are continually blown away by their loving and generous families  You touch our hearts with your gestures. You define family and love — in all our traditional…read more →

Happy Mother’s Day 2015!

We send out wishes for a very happy Mother’s Day to the countless special mamas we have worked with throughout the years! We are celebrating this year at the Midwives, Mamas and More family festival  THIS SATURDAY, MAY 9th. This is a FREE event, from…read more →

Heated Jade Neck Pillows are Back!

If you have been in for a massage in the past few years, you’ve probably experienced our Jade Heated Neck Pillow as part of your treatment. It is one of our most favorite massage tools. We first came across them in 2009 and immediately worked…read more →

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