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“Birth” Day Massage

Is it almost your “birth” day? Not your birthday, but “time to birth your baby” day. Perhaps it’s time to come in for a “birth”day massage and check out of that waiting game for awhile. We’ve regularly encouraged our mamas-to-be to schedule massage on or about their…read more →

Divine Mama Treatment

We are so excited to announce our new Divine Mama Treatment. We get a lot of phone calls from a lot of people who really want to take care of a special mama-to-be and treat her (ok, and lots of emails, particularly from husbands, partners,…read more →

Got questions? prenatal massage fact and fiction!

Do you have questions about pregnancy massage? You’re not alone. “Information” on pregnancy is abundant. And contradictory. And confusing. Maybe helpful. Sometimes misleading. And information on pregnancy massage is no different. We put together an online quiz to “test” your knowledge — well, really to…read more →

Massage for Kiddos

Massage is a family affair! Touch is a powerful element of family bonding and attachment, and an essential tool for parents as we help regulate (and teach self-regulation!) our kiddos’ bodies, energy and emotions. While we have always informally offered massage for kids, we are excited…read more →

Align ’em and Spin ’em!

Team Equilibrio just got back from a Spinning Babies seminar! Here we are with Gail Tully and the other Baby Spinners who drove up from San Diego. 🙂 (that’s Nicole in the front with Gail, and Allison and Marissa on the far right in the…read more →

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