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Prenatal & Postpartum Massage

Prenatal Massage Supports Women through the entire Pregnancy

Prenatal massage is a safe and supportive therapy for women throughout pregnancy. Massage helps women relax and minimize the impact of stress on their bodies. Therapeutic touch relieves many of the aches and pains that accompany her changing body. Safe for both mom and baby, research shows that massage promotes healthier moms, shorter labors and healthier babies.

While many women seek out massage when the discomforts of the last few months of pregnancy become most intense, the real benefits are gained from more regular sessions throughout the pregnancy. While all relaxation techniques are beneficial, touch therapies have the strongest impact. Women who receive regular massage have measurably reduced levels of stress hormones and report less mood swings and physical discomforts.

Read more about pregnancy massage.

Click to read more about prenatal massage.

75 Minutes

  • Single Session…$110*
  • Series of Six…$540 ($90 each)

90 Minutes

*Prebooking Discount. While in the office for your massage book your next session in advance to receive $10 off single sessions.

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No More Puffy: Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Pregnancy

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a safe and supportive therapy for women throughout pregnancy and postpartum. MLD is a massage technique focused on moving fluid in the body — specifically the lymph. It is done strategically and rhythmically to stimulate the lymph nodes draining and allowing lymph to flow out of the limbs. A massage therapist trained in MLD has advanced training in the anatomy and function of the lymphatic system and puts that knowledge to use.

This “No More Puffy” treatment is a 75-minute bodywork session focused on Manual Lymphatic Drainage that helps ease swelling and edema related to pregnancy. These sessions are helpful for women experiencing:

  • swelling in the feet and lower legs
  • shoes and rings that don’t fit anymore
  • pregnancy-onset carpal tunnel syndrome
  • extra support postpartum helping “flush away” pregnancy fluid retention

MLD is a gentle and soothing massage that is deeply relaxing. It is not a deep muscle massage, though muscle tension may diminish as a result of the relaxation.

No More Puffy, 75 Minutes

  • Single Session…$125*
  • Series of Three…$330 ($110 each)

Customized & Deep Tissue

(Not for pregnant women) A customized massage session is designed specifically for you depending on your needs. It can focus on deep relaxation in a Swedish-style massage that uses oils to provide long, soothing strokes to the body, inducing deep relaxation by easing muscle tension, relaxing your breathing and releasing stress. Or it can be more therapeutic in approach applying deeper pressure to release chronically tight muscles. For most people, their session includes elements of both.

Read the answers to common questions about massage therapy.

Read the answers to common questions about massage therapy.

60 Minutes

Single Session…$105
Series of Six…$540 ($90 each)

90 Minutes

Single Session…$135
Series of Six…$690 ($115 each)

Massage for Kiddos and Teens

Massage is a family affair! Touch is a powerful element of family bonding and attachment, and an essential tool for parents as we help regulate (and teach self-regulation!) our kiddos’ bodies, energy and emotions.

Our sessions are always permission-based — asking the child’s permission (verbal or otherwise) to touch their bodies. And we adjust everything depending on the child’s age, mood and condition. We adjust the pace of the massage, modulate the pressure used and how the child is positioned on the massage table (face down, seated, etc.) depending on the child’s age, mood and development.

Our pediatric massage is family focused. While sometimes we are use massage to help a kid with a specific physical ailment, the best results happen when the family takes the massage home and incorporates it more regularly in their lives.

Pediatric Massage for Littles

Massage for Littles is for toddlers and preschoolers. These 30 minute sessions include 15 to 30minutes of massage (always depending on the kid, of course). We will focus on general relaxation or any specific physical concerns you have (leg cramps, etc.). Because regular massage is so important for receiving benefits, we will teach the caregiver massage to use at home.  Caregiver must be present in the room for these sessions.

Pediatric Massage for Kids (6 to 12)

Massage for Kids is for school-age children. In these 30minute sessions, we will focus on general relaxation or any specific physical concerns you have (including sports injuries, etc). We encourage caregivers to learn techniques in these sessions to use at home, as well as self-massage techniques for the kiddos. Massage at this age can be helpful for anxiety, increasing focus, as well as physical ailments. Caregiver must be present in the room for these sessions.

Pediatric Massage for Teens (13 to 18)

Massage for Teens blends massage for relaxation with therapeutic work for their muscles. At this age, massage can be helpful with stress and anxiety, body image issues, attention and focus, as well as a range of physical concerns. Teens can schedule 30 or 60minute sessions. Caregiver permission is needed for these sessions, and therapist, caregivers and teen will discuss if caregiver presence in therapy room is necessary.

Aroma for Kids

Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils can be a powerful way to interact with your kid’s biology and teach them to self regulate. Essential oils are worked in to your pediatric massage session at your request. We also welcome the kids to smell and interact with the oils, and for the older kids to learn some techniques for using them. Frequent issues: sleep, calming, attention/focus, anxiety. Though there are endless ways to work these aroma oils into your family’s life!

Story Massage (any age)

Story Massage harnesses the powers of touch, storytelling and a good back massage to get your kids involved in calming touch. During a story massage, you narrate a story and act it out with massage strokes on the recipient’s back. Kids love Story Massage — it’s a great tool for promoting loving, calm touch between siblings. Story Massage is infectious — once you start telling stories on your kid’s back, she’ll be returning the favor and giving you Story Massages (back rubs!).

30 Minutes

  • Single Session…$55
  • Series of Six…$300 ($50 each)


Restorative Exercise Session

Restorative Exercise™ is an alignment and movement program designed to help us rediscover how to move our bodies the way they were designed to move. When we move with our body out of alignment, we create friction, inflammation and eventual wear-n-tear on joints and tissues, that will eventually lead to injury, degeneration and pain. RE teaches us to move in alignment,  reducing all of that damage and allowing our body to being repairing tissues that have been damaged over the years.

RE is a mix of strategic stretching and strengthening, mixed together with a steady dose of self observation all intended to help us move toward optimal function and health. We use these corrective exercises to return the body to a fuller range of mobility. We stretch what needs to be stretched, strengthen what needs to be stronger, and let go of what is not helping. These 60minute sessions are completely customized for your body and situation.

Sessions are with Nicole Trombley, RES-CPT. You can read more about RE with Nicole at Her Body Works (a project of Equilibrio).

60 Minutes

  • Single Session…$85
  • Series of Six…$450 ($75 each)

Add-ons to Massage

We have a selection of treatments available to add on to most massages to enhance your experience. Please be sure to request these ahead of time, as most require preparations on the part of your massage therapist prior to your arrival.

Heated Hands & Feet Treatment

In this treatment, your hands and feet are slathered in a deep hydrating lavender lotion and snuggled up inside heated mittens and booties all while your massage is underway. As the mittens and booties are removed, the lavender lotion is massaged into your hands and feet for some extra TLC. You may choose just your hands or both hands and feet.

Hands only…$10
Hands & feet…$15

Hot Lava Shells

These shells are actual shells, heated from the inside, that are used throughout your massage to offer deep heat that melts through the tension and tight spots in your muscles.

Hot Lava Shells…$10

Infant Massage Instruction

Infant Massage: Babies love massage, too.

Infant massage is an ancient art of families giving loving touch to their babies that crosses cultures and spans generations upon infant massagegenerations. It helps with family bonding, calms your baby and calms the caregiver as well. The best time to begin infant massage is in the first few months, and it is definitely easier before your baby is turning over too much and definitely before they are crawling. However, all babies are welcome (it’s just a lot more work for you once they’re mobile!).

In these private sessions, we will actually get to complete a full body massage for your baby and work on troubleshooting any frustrations you are having. More than one caregiver/parent is welcome. You will be working directly on your baby (if baby allows!!) and the instructor will be working on a doll. The fee covers the cost of instruction, massage oil and handouts that detail the massage strokes.

Still pregnant? Come on in and we’ll learn the massage on dolls.

60 Minutes

  • Single Session…$85
  • Series of Three…$235 ($75 each)

Email Nicole or go through our online calendar to reserve your spot!