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Prenatal & Postpartum Massage

Prenatal Massage Supports Women through the entire Pregnancy

Prenatal massage is a safe and supportive therapy for women throughout pregnancy. Massage helps women relax and minimize the impact of stress on their bodies. Therapeutic touch relieves many of the aches and pains that accompany her changing body. Safe for both mom and baby, research shows that massage promotes healthier moms, shorter labors and healthier babies.

While many women seek out massage when the discomforts of the last few months of pregnancy become most intense, the real benefits are gained from more regular sessions throughout the pregnancy. While all relaxation techniques are beneficial, touch therapies have the strongest impact. Women who receive regular massage have measurably reduced levels of stress hormones and report less mood swings and physical discomforts.

At Equilibrio, our prenatal massage is focused on impeccable comfort (if you are not comfortable on our table, you won’t enjoy the massage), the highest standards of evidence-based safety and smart, skillful therapeutic massage designed specifically for the pregnant bodyOur standard 75 minute prenatal massage is customized to your body, your pregnancy and how you are feeling on massage day.

75 Minutes

  • Single Session…$110
  • Series of Six…$540 ($90 each)

90 Minutes

  • Divine Mama Deep Relaxation (See below)…$145
  • “Birth” Day Massage (See below) …$145
  • Partner Massage Instruction…$145


Divine Mama Treatment

This session is a special treat for any mama-to-be. Spoil her (or yourself, as it may be!!) with deeply relaxing 90minutes that includes our signature 75 minute prenatal massage focused on all of her tight and sore areas, heated steam towels and aromatherapy. The added temperatures, scents and textures help her unwind and enter a deeper state of relaxation. There is seasonal variability in this treatment. The session is 90minutes long, $145.


“Birth” Day Massage

Is it almost your “birth” day? Not your birthday, but “time to birth your baby” day. Perhaps it’s time to come in for a “birth”day massage and check out of that waiting game for awhile. We’ve regularly encouraged our mamas-to-be to schedule massage on or about their due date and over the years, they’ve helped us realize they need a little extra time on the table and some special techniques.  We will work with you to design this session for whatever your current needs are — blending deep relaxation massage, deep tissue massage to release muscle tension, aromatherapy and very often some Spinning Babies techniques to help balance your body. This is special time for you to turn down the volume on the “waiting game”, check in with your baby and your body, and let your mind go quiet.  The session is 90minutes long, $145.


Partner Massage Instruction

Did you know the more massage you get, the more the benefits are amplified? Makes sense, right? Fortunately, you don’t need to come in for a professional massage every day. Bring your partner, BFF, the grandma-to-be in with you for this fun session so they can learn techniques to give you some great massage at home. You will be on the massage table and your partner and one of our therapists will give you a massage. We give you techniques to bring home and tips to for common frustrations like set up and achey, tired massage hands.  The session is 90minutes long, $145.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Pregnancy

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a safe and supportive therapy for women throughout pregnancy and postpartum. MLD is a massage technique focused on moving fluid in the body — specifically the lymph. It is done strategically and rhythmically to stimulate the lymph nodes draining and allowing lymph to flow out of the limbs. A massage therapist trained in MLD has advanced training in the anatomy and function of the lymphatic system and puts that knowledge to use.

This treatment is a 75-minute bodywork session focused on Manual Lymphatic Drainage that helps ease swelling and edema related to pregnancy. These sessions are helpful for women experiencing:

  • swelling in the feet and lower legs
  • shoes and rings that don’t fit anymore
  • pregnancy-onset carpal tunnel syndrome
  • extra support postpartum helping “flush away” pregnancy fluid retention

MLD is a gentle and soothing massage that is deeply relaxing. It is not a deep muscle massage, though muscle tension may diminish as a result of the relaxation.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage, 75 Minutes

  • Single Session…$125*
  • Series of Three…$330 ($110 each)

Customized & Deep Tissue

(Not for pregnant women) A customized massage session is designed specifically for you depending on your needs. It can focus on deep relaxation in a Swedish-style massage that uses oils to provide long, soothing strokes to the body, inducing deep relaxation by easing muscle tension, relaxing your breathing and releasing stress. Or it can be more therapeutic in approach applying deeper pressure to release chronically tight muscles. For most people, their session includes elements of both.

Read the answers to common questions about massage therapy.

Read the answers to common questions about massage therapy.

60 Minutes

Single Session…$105
Series of Six…$540 ($90 each)

90 Minutes

Single Session…$135
Series of Six…$690 ($115 each)

Massage & Bodywork with Nicole

Nicole has been specialized in massage for pregnancy, postpartum and women’s health since 2004. She blends deep therapeutic
massage with alignment and balance practices to help her clients have deeper experiences. She wants her clients to go home empowered to proactively manage their discomforts and not just suffer through. Nicole is a Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner and loves helping her clients find balance in their body that serves both their day-to-day comfort in their pregnancy and helps them clear the way for optimal fetal positioning and ease of birth.

Prenatal & Postpartum Sessions

  • 75minute prenatal/postpartum session…$150
  • 90minute prenatal/postpartum session…$165
  • Body Balancing for Pregnancy, Birth and a Healthy Pelvis for Life…$150

Customized Deep Tissue and Deep Relaxation (not prenatal)

  • 60 minute session…$135
  • 90 minute session…$150

Infant Massage Instruction

Infant Massage: Babies love massage, too.

Infant massage is an ancient art of families giving loving touch to their babies that crosses cultures and spans generations upon infant massagegenerations. It helps with family bonding, calms your baby and calms the caregiver as well. The best time to begin infant massage is in the first few months, and it is definitely easier before your baby is turning over too much and definitely before they are crawling. However, all babies are welcome (it’s just a lot more work for you once they’re mobile!).

In these private sessions, we will actually get to complete a full body massage for your baby and work on troubleshooting any frustrations you are having. More than one caregiver/parent is welcome. You will be working directly on your baby (if baby allows!!) and the instructor will be working on a doll. The fee covers the cost of instruction, massage oil and handouts that detail the massage strokes.

Still pregnant? Come on in and we’ll learn the massage on dolls.

60 Minutes

  • Single Session…$85
  • Series of Three…$235 ($75 each)

Email Nicole or go through our online calendar to reserve your spot!