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“Birth” Day Massage

Is it almost your “birth” day? Not your birthday, but “time to birth your baby” day. Perhaps it’s time to come in for a “birth”day massage and check out of that waiting game for awhile. We’ve regularly encouraged our mamas-to-be to schedule massage on or about their…read more →

Postpartum massage at home!!

Postpartum massage at home!!

We are excited to announce our new “outcall” program for postpartum massage. We are happy to have one of our massage specialists travel to your home after the birth of your baby. Our hope is to reach more women with postpartum care. Many moms never…read more →

NYTimes Doula Article Cont.

After I posted yesterday, I stumbled across the website and blog of the article’s author, Pamela Paul. The morning after the publication of the Times article she writes in her blog that she got a lot of flack from doulas and moms for writing a…read more →

Doulas giving doulas a bad name

Yesterday’s NYTimes had an article on doula support (in the Sunday Styles section) that was a wee bit controversial; check it out at New York Times Doula Support. The article had me all in a tizzy, but it’s not that I disagree with some of…read more →