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Massage, Families, and a Better Bedtime

Good news, massage loving parents!  Massage makes bedtime and sleep better for kids…and parents! Massage helps bedtime and improves Mom’s sleep A study published in January of this year (2018) in the Journal of Sleep Medicine reported that a consistent nightly massage-based bedtime routine improves: number…read more →

Can massage help you sleep better?

It’s National Sleep Awareness Week, friends! No coincidence that it coincides with the change to Daylight Savings. Sleep is no joke. Sleep deprivation is an epidemic deeply intertwined with some of the most devastating illnesses affecting affluent Western populations today: including diabetes, obesity, various cancers,…read more →

Find the RIGHT Prenatal Massage Therapist for you!

Prenatal massage can be such an important support for you in your pregnancy! Over the past few decades it has gone from being completely forbidden in pregnancy to so trendy that any reputable massage establishment offers this service. But prenatal massage is not the same…read more →

Massage after baby: Mega dose that oxytocin postpartum!

We are excited to roll out our new Postpartum Care packages this June!  Massage can help you and your entire family adjust through the postpartum recovery period. It taps into your body’s physiology to ease this process reducing stress, alleviating physical discomforts, supporting bonding, and helping everybody sleep…read more →

“No More Puffy”: a New Treatment

“No More Puffy”: a New Treatment

We are excited to add a new treatment to our Pregnancy Massage menu this winter! “No More Puffy” is a 75-minute bodywork session focused on Manual Lymphatic Drainage that helps ease swelling and edema related to pregnancy. A little extra puffiness is familiar territory in…read more →

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