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Prenatal CranioSacral Therapy

Marissa has always worked CranioSacral Therapy (CST) into many of her prenatal massage sessions, depending on the client. As she works with more and more mom preparing for birth using HypnoBirthing, the CST is making more and more of a show in her treatment room…read more →

Infant Massage Classes at Equilibrio

We are so excited to be teaching infant massage to caregivers! Our next class will be held on the dates listed below. The series of 3 classes costs $75. Each session runs approximately one hour. Please contact us if you would like to register. Saturday…read more →

Massage & HypnoBirthing

Marissa has been working her magic here lately with her soon-to-be-birthing mamas. She has been interweaving the Rainbow Relaxation prompt from HypnoBirthing into her massages. HypnoBirthing is about trusting that your body will be able to relax and allow birth to happen naturally in a…read more →

Massage for your baby?

For all my new moms out there. And, not-so-new moms, as well. Oh, and dads. And co-parents. And grandparents. And all caregivers. Here’s a great, straightforward video of an infant massage class. This is not a new, trendy massage. It’s an ancient art of families…read more →

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