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What I’m reading: Sleep!

It’s National Sleep Awareness Week!! March 11-17, 2018. I find sleep fascinating. In addition to my own personal and family sleep journeys — I regularly put adults to sleep on my massage table. I’m always ready to learn a little more so I can get…read more →

Sleeping While Pregnant

Sleeping While Pregnant

Sleepless and pregnant? Over the past 6 years we have worked with hundreds and hundreds of moms-to-be here in San Diego. We spend every day tucking pillows under pregnant bellies and propping up legs. We have learned a lot with these moms about how to…read more →

The Belly Wedge for the Floating Uterus

It must have seemed irresistible to pillow manufacturers. There it was — the pregnant belly resting on a bed without extra support! Yes, there are special little pillows out there designed specifically to support the growing pregnant belly as women lie on their sides. For…read more →

More on sleeping positions

Another important and often cited study: Hills, G.H. and A.G. Chaffe. "Sleeping positions adopted by pregnant women of more than 30 weeks gestation." Anaesthesia, 1994, vol 49, pages 249-250. In this 1993 study, researchers observed the sleeping positions of 52 pregnant women who were hospitalized…read more →

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