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Heated Jade Neck Pillows are Back!

If you have been in for a massage in the past few years, you’ve probably experienced our Jade Heated Neck Pillow as part of your treatment. It is one of our most favorite massage tools. We first came across them in 2009 and immediately worked into our treatments!

We have both the neck pillow and eye pillows available — now in both red and green. In addition to lavender and herbal grains, these pillows are filled with powdered Jade stone. For over 7,000 years, Jade has been known for its power to detoxify, heal and strengthen  mind, body & spirit. (read more)

Red (or green) Jade Stress-Relieving & Detoxifying Neck Pillow, $45+tax

Green (or red) Jade Healing Eye Pillow, $30+tax

You can pick one up next time you are in the office or email Nicole to reserve yours. 


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