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How to find the RIGHT prenatal massage for your loved one!

The SIX Questions you NEED TO ASK before you book a pregnancy massage!

You are obviously amazing. Here you are researching pregnancy massage to treat some special pregnant mama-to-be.

headYou are doing your due diligence — asking friends, checking online reviews. You want to know that she is going to love her massage. You want to make sure the massage is safe, deeply relaxing and actually helps her feel better in her pregnancy. You want her in good hands.

You might have noticed: pregnancy massage is on the menu of the vast majority of spas and massage centers. You can find it all over the place.

There are vast differences in what is passed off as pregnancy massage in each situation.

We developed this guide after working with more than one thousand pregnant women over the past decade. We found that there are a lot of fantastic options out there, and at the same a lot of women have frustrating experiences. We find this unnecessary and want to avoid that —whether you come here or not!

When we try to find massage for our beloved pregnant sisters, cousins and friends in other parts of the country:  these are the questions I asked when finding a pregnancy massage therapist for my own sister on the other side of the country!

We can’t tell you WHERE to take her, but we are going to give you the MOST IMPORTANT questions to ask — to ask yourself and to ask a pregnancy massage center, spa or individual therapist.

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