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Introducing our “Mini” — the 30-Minute Massage

We are excited to announce our new MINI MASSAGE!

Our “mini” is NOT a new massage option just for small people. Or an infant massage class.

Our Mini is our new 30 minute massage option! We have never tried this before, but we want to make this option available to our existing pregnant and non pregnant clients, intending to create options for you to come in more often and get more massage therapy.

“Mini” refers to the amount of time it takes out of your schedule. And the impact it has on your budget. The “small” part of the session has nothing to do with our commitment to delivering a high quality massage even within those time constraints. We still promise to try to stop time for you during the massage and not let you feel rushed. And we are still commited to showing up for you with all the energy, skill and presence we would for every client who walks through our doors.

You wanna know the prices???

30 Minute Pregnancy Mini $55/ Series of Six  $270 ($45 each)

30 Minute Customized Mini $49 (nonpregnant)/Series of Six $270 ($45 each)

This is a massage session option that we are currently making available to our EXISTING CLIENTS who have already established relationships with us.  It is intended as a means of maintaining and deepening the work we have already started together. And, it is intended to lower the pricing and scheduling barriers that sometimes make it more difficult for clients to come in as often as they want.

Evening, Saturday and Sunday appointments are all available, in addition to our regular daytime hours.

Ready to book? Call us at (619) 955-6670 or use our online calendar.


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