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Massage for Kiddos

Massage is a family affair! Touch is a powerful element of family bonding and attachment, and an essential tool for parents as we help regulate (and teach self-regulation!) our kiddos’ bodies, energy and emotions.

Foot massage

While we have always informally offered massage for kids, we are excited to more formally include it on our massage menu.

Our sessions are always permission-based — asking the child’s permission (verbal or otherwise) to touch their bodies. And we adjust everything depending on the child’s age, mood and condition. We adjust the pace of the massage, modulate the pressure used and how the child is positioned on the massage table (face down, seated, etc.) depending on the child’s age, mood and development. The massages are much shorter in duration and we’ll work with whatever level of undressing is comfortable for them (bring a bathing suit or shorts, or we can even work over clothing).

Our pediatric massage is family focused. While sometimes we are use massage to help a kid with a specific physical ailment, the best results happen when the family takes the massage home and incorporates it more regularly in their lives.

Below is a break down of how we might work with different age groups. Our 30minute sessions are $49 and a package of 6 is $270.

Pediatric Massage for Littles

Massage for Littles is for toddlers and preschoolers. These 30 minute sessions include 15 to 30minutes of massage (always depending on the kid, of course). We will focus on general relaxation or any specific physical concerns you have (leg cramps, etc.). Because regular massage is so important for receiving benefits, we will teach the caregiver massage to use at home.  Caregiver must be present in the room for these sessions.

Pediatric Massage for Kids (6 to 12)

Massage for Kids is for school-age children. In these 30minute sessions, we will focus on general relaxation or any specific physical concerns you have (including sports injuries, etc). We encourage caregivers to learn techniques in these sessions to use at home, as well as self-massage techniques for the kiddos. Massage at this age can be helpful for anxiety, increasing focus, as well as physical ailments. Caregiver must be present in the room for these sessions.

Pediatric Massage for Teens (13 to 18)

Massage for Teens blends massage for relaxation with therapeutic work for their muscles. At this age, massage can be helpful with stress and anxiety, body image issues, attention and focus, as well as a range of physical concerns. Teens can schedule 30 or 60minute sessions. Caregiver permission is needed for these sessions, and therapist, caregivers and teen will discuss if caregiver presence in therapy room is necessary.

Aroma for Kids

Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils can be a powerful way to interact with your kid’s biology andteach them to self regulate. Essential oils are worked in to your pediatric massage session at your request. We also welcome the kids to smell and interact with the oils, and for the older kids to learn some techniques for using them. Frequent issues: sleep, calming, attention/focus, anxiety. Though there are endless ways to work these aroma oils into your family’s life!

Story Massage (any age)

Story Massage harnesses the powers of touch, storytelling and a good back massage to get your kids involved in calming touch. During a story massage, you narrate a story and act it out with massage strokes on the recipient’s back. Kids love Story Massage — it’s a great tool for promoting loving, calm touch between siblings. Story Massage is infectious — once you start telling stories on your kid’s back, she’ll be returning the favor and giving you Story Massages (back rubs!).


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