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“No More Puffy”: a New Treatment

We are excited to add a new treatment to our Pregnancy Massage menu this winter! “No More Puffy” is a 75-minute bodywork session focused on Manual Lymphatic Drainage that helps ease swelling and edema related to pregnancy.

A little extra puffiness is familiar territory in pregnancy. Sometimes it’s just mildly annoying, other times it be quite uncomfortable. We have always helped women address this extra puffiness through all our regular massages, but lately have realized that when we can spend the full treatment time focused on that extra fluid retention, we can help women find greater freedom. These sessions are helpful for women experiencing:

  • swelling in the feet and lower legs
  • shoes and rings that don’t fit anymore
  • pregnancy-onset carpal tunnel syndrome
  • extra support postpartum helping “flush away” pregnancy fluid retention

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a massage technique focused on moving fluid in the body — specifically the lymph. It is done

Here's your Lymphatic System! (from AdobeStock)

Here’s your Lymphatic System! (from AdobeStock)

strategically and rhythmically to stimulate the lymph nodes draining and allowing lymph to flow out of the limbs. A massage therapist trained in MLD has advanced training in the anatomy and function of the lymphatic system and puts that knowledge to use. 

MLD is a gentle and soothing massage that is deeply relaxing. It is not a deep muscle massage, though muscle tension may diminish as a result of the relaxation. 

Does it really work? For sure it does!! Manual Lymphatic Drainage is used for various reasons in the medical community to reduce edema. For pregnant women, a 2013 study found that one hour manual lymphatic drainage sessions helped pregnant women minimize the swelling in their legs.

There are lots of reasons that women experience swelling in pregnancy, MLD can help address most of these, provide relief and prevent the swelling from getting out of control. 

This treatment is now available! You can schedule through our online calendar OR call us at (619) 955-6670.



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