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NYTimes Doula Article Cont.

After I posted yesterday, I stumbled across the website and blog of the article’s author, Pamela Paul. The morning after the publication of the Times article she writes in her blog that she got a lot of flack from doulas and moms for writing a one-sided article. Ms. Paul writes that she hoped to provide a balanced perspective and treat all sides with respect. As I look at some of her other articles and reflect on my own reaction I think this is what I have to say: Her instincts are right on with this piece. Probably why she received so much "flack" is that this is a very sensitive and important issue within both doula and lactation consultant communities. And has been for quite some time. People and organizations within both communities have been working tirelessly for years to increase standards of professionalization. I do hope that if she writes on this again, she will give a much bigger nod to all of the work that is happening already within these communities.

Also, tomorrow is IBCLC Day! Hope to have more then on this important credentialing program.


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