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Postpartum Care Packages

Mega Dose your Oxytocin levels!! The transition through postpartum recovery and bonding is a physiological process for the entire family (even partners and dads). Regular massage helps you tap into your body’s physiology to ease this process. Massage can help reduce stress, alleviate physical discomforts, improve bonding, and help everybody sleep more and better. Get your family the support you need in these early months and set yourself up for success!

Sweet Postpartum Recovery Package ($345)

This package of three sessions includes:

  • one at home postpartum massage during the first 6 weeks
  • two in-office massages during the first 3 months.

$345 for all 3 sessions bundled together ($385 value priced separately).

Postpartum Care Intensive ($699)

This package of six sessions includes:

  • *three at-home postpartum massages in the first 6 weeks (3)
  • *two in-office postpartum massages in the first three months (2)
  • * one infant massage instruction session(1).

$699 for all 6 sessions bundled together ($800 value priced separately).

Postpartum Care Intensive FAMILY SIZE ($969)

This package of nine sessions includes:

  • three at-home postpartum massages for mom and three at-home massages for a partner/caregiver in the first 6 weeks (6)
  • two in-office postpartum massages in the first three months (2)
  • one infant massage instruction session(1).

$969 for all 9 sessions bundled together ($1,115 value priced separately).


How soon can I get my first massage?

Massage is safe immediately after a vaginal birth and we welcome you scheduling that first at-home massage in the first week postpartum. But, the timing needs to feel right, so some women wait a few weeks. After a c-section/belly birth, we’ll want to check in those first few weeks and possibly check in with your surgeon. Massage has been used immediately post-surgery for pain relief, but there are many modifications.

What about breastfeeding?

We are quite used to accommodating tender, leaky breasts — depending on how you feel, you can still receive the massage in a side-lying position and we always have extra towels around to help keep that milk supply in check. Most women opt to nurse immediately before receiving their massage — to both calm the baby and alleviate any pressure in her breasts.

What about my baby?

For both in-office and at-home massages, you can have another caregiver attend to your baby while you get your massage or you can integrate your baby into your session. Some women keep the baby right next to the massage table in a stroller OR on the table while she receives the massage in a side-lying position, nursing on demand.

What does an “at-home” massage entail?

We will bring our massage table, linens and some pillows. You might want to have some clean towels and a few additional pillows available. Please have a space available to accommodate our massage table and consider setting this up on the first floor (pretty please!!). Most women aim to nurse their babies immediately before the massage, this not only buys mom some time, but may also minimize breast tenderness. However, the massage therapist can help set you up in a side-lying position so you can possibly nurse during your massage.

Our outcall massages are 75minutes for the postpartum mom, and 60minutes for her family members.

What is Infant Massage?

Babies love massage, too! You may already be incorporating massage into your daily life with baby. It is a bonding activity and can help baby rest more soundly and deal with discomforts such as colic. If you’d love to learn more, we do offer infant massage instruction — you bring your baby in and we teach you how to do a full body massage. The massage therapist works on a doll, while you work directly on your baby! This is lovely for all babies, though it’s a little easier before they’ve learned to roll over. Bring your partner, co-parent, grandma, or another loved one, too.

Can I gift this to a special family?

Absolutely! It is important to talk with them about it first, but give us a call and we will help you arrange it. (619) 955-6670