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Postpartum Massage

orchidPostpartum massage helps the new mom recover from pregnancy and labor: providing abdominal massage to stimulate and return your organs to their pre-pregnancy state; abdominal connective tissue massage to help the stretched skin and underlying tissues regain elasticity; general circulatory massage to help your body remove any built up toxins and aid in the general “flushing” the body is undergoing; providing structural rebalancing to the hips and low back as those tired and stretched muscles and joints accommodate post-pregnancy size; and relief to exhausted and sore muscles that supported you throughout labor. Massage can help minimize much of this discomfort, as well as relieve any fatigue or anxiety you may be feeling.

These months can also usher in a whole series of new postpartum aches and pains, as breastfeeding women deal with swollen and oftentimes sore breasts, and aching shoulders, necks and upper backs from all those hours holding, nursing and loving that newborn. And, of course, the Dads/Partners can often use a massage right about now as well.

Logistics of Postpartum Massage

Postpartum massage is usually safe immediately to 24-hours after you’ve given birth. However, when you schedule that massage depends on how you feel and your individual situation, some women want it within the first week, and others want to wait a few weeks so they can adjust a bit more to the changes. Most women need to balance major schedule changes including breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, and childcare before they can make it in for a massage. Whenever you are able to get in for your first postpartum massage—it’ll be well needed and deserved!

If your delivery had complications or involved surgery (C-section delivery), we will need to discuss modifying the massage to ensure your comfort and safety, and might need to get approval from your physician. Most women will need to wait 6 weeks post surgery, though occasionally, with a doctor’s approval, we can do a modified treatment before that 6-week mark.

For moms who are unable to find childcare or unable to leave their infant at home, we also make allowances for her to bring her baby into the massage—either with another caregiver present, next to the massage table in a stroller, or at times, even on the table with mom lying on her side. (“allowance” sounds so formal — we are THRILLED to get our newborn fix while we’re working!)

While most women can’t wait to go face down on the massage table for their postpartum massages, we do sometimes make some modifications. We provide clean towels as some extra absorbancy for moms concerned about leaking breasts. We also continue to use pillows to prop and support mom’s body to take the weight off potentially tender or painful breasts. Additionally, in the early weeks following birth, we check-in with the mom to make sure there are no other areas of concern, including any soreness around the site of an epidural and limiting any movement that might irritate a healing perineum.

Postpartum Massage at Home

In an effort to make it easier for you to continue receiving the benefits of massage after the birth of your babies,we are are happy to travel to your home for postpartum massage. Currently, this program is available:

  • to existing clients (or new client on a strong referral from an existing)
  • within the first six months postpartum
  • within a 12-mile radius of our office (travel available to further locations for an additional travel fee).

This postpartum outcall massage is 75 minutes and costs $165. At-home massage is also available as an add-on for any additional family members (new dads, grandparents, etc.) who are helping you with this life transition. Prices for additional family members are $105 per 60 minute massages and $135 for 90 minute massages. (Gratuities not included in these prices).

We will bring our massage table, linens and some pillows. You might want to have some clean towels and a few additional pillows available. Please have a space available to accommodate our massage table and consider setting this up on the first floor. Most women aim to nurse their babies immediately before the massage, this not only buys mom some time, but may also minimize breast tenderness. However, the massage therapist can help set you up in a side-lying position so you can possibly nurse during your massage.

Send us an email or give us a call (619-955-6670) if you’d like to know more or are ready to schedule!

Postpartum Care Packages

Be sure to also check out our Postpartum Care Packages — intended to support mom and family through the entire postpartum period. Regular massage helps you tap into your body’s physiology to ease this process. Massage can help reduce stress, alleviate physical discomforts, improve bonding, and help everybody sleep more and better. Get your family the support you need in these early months and set yourself up for success!