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Massage for Pregnancy

safe pregnancy massage in San Diego, CAPregnancy massage is our speciality. And, we take that specialty seriously.

Our massage sessions are designed specifically for pregnant women. Our therapists have specialized and advanced training and loads of experience. Below are a series of the most common questions women and their partners tend to ask. If there is anything that we don’t cover or you have a specific situation you want to discuss —please contact us.

Gettin’ Serious about Pregnancy Massage

A lot of massage schools teach their students basic adaptations for pregnant women—some general guidelines on how to adapt a standard massage for a pregnant woman’s body. As specialists, however, we have sought out training that goes above and beyond these standard adaptations and helps us therapeutically address the specific discomforts and safety concerns of pregnancy.

In our training, we have studied the physiological, emotional and structural changes of pregnancy. We have learned and developed specialized techniques to help alleviate the discomforts of pregnancy. We have also received comprehensive training to understand the complications and risk factors in pregnancy, so that we can more safely identify when massage should be avoided, when a doctor’s approval will be necessary, and can more prudently provide massage to women with complications or in a higher risk pregnancy.

10 pregnancy massage faqs

frequently asked pregnancy massage questions

All of our therapists have completed advanced certification from Carole Osborne’s Body Therapy Associates. In addition, some of our therapists have completed Doula training, prenatal yoga training, Prenatal Thai Yoga Massage certification with the Lotus Palm Center in Montreal. Ongoing education is important to us. We travelled together to attend Anna Verwaal’s Hormonal Physiology of Birth seminar, as well as all studied with Gail Tully of Spinning Babies.

As of 2018, we have worked with more than one thousand pregnant women and new moms here in San Diego.

How is massage for pregnancy different?

Pregnancy massage is not entirely different from “regular” massage. For most women, we can still do “deep tissue” as well as “Swedish” and more relaxation focused work. Below are two of the major areas that distinguish pregnancy massage.

Positioning on the table: Positioning options during massage  (and sleep!) become increasingly limited as pregnancy progresses. We work with our clients mostly in a side-lying position on the massage table. We use orthopedically-designed cushions to position and support you on your side (these aren’t your standard bed pillows). Most women find this extremely comfortable and often pick up some creative pillow tips for use at home.

Areas of Focus: Prenatal massage session is going to spend a lot of time working on a woman’s hips, back, shoulders and neck. These areas hold a lot of tension, and are often bearing the brunt of her changing shape and loosening ligaments. A full-body massage is fully appropriate for a healthy pregnancy, with some modifications as discussed with your therapist.

We always work with you to figure out what you want during your massage session.  Some women come in for a session that is much more focused on relaxation. Others need specific therapeutic work to address particular discomforts. Most women need a little of both. Your comfort and safety during the massage are always the most important elements of any session.

Read on in our Pregnancy Massage FAQs for more of the common questions Mamas and their families ask.

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