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Skilled, nurturing massage is good for mom and good for baby! We know this intuitively, as well as through anecdote and testimony, and by an increasing body of objective data. Massage does more than just pamper a pregnant woman, though “pampering” in and of itself has real value.

We love it when our clients’ caregivers recommend massage to them! But sometimes the caregivers have questions. We’ve developed this section of our website to offer you some answers. If you have specific questions, contact us directly!

If you’re a maternity medical provider we can come to your office and demonstrate pregnancy massage positioning and techniques. Your staff will love it!

resourcePage-bellyResearch on Pregnancy Massage

Read the benefits of reduced anxiety & stress levels, decreased backache and puffy feet. Read more.

resourcePage-equipmentPregnancy Massage Equipment

Find out North American experts on pregnancy massage discourage the use of special pregnancy massage tables. Read more.

resourcePage-therapistTherapist Training and Expertise

We have  received comprehensive training to understand the complications and risk factors in pregnancy. Read more.

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Local and national resources on pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and breastfeeding. Read more.