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Here are some stories from our clients who offered to share their experiences with others considering massage. We think their stories make a more compelling case for using massage than any scientific study. Do you have your own massage story to share? Please send your testimonial along and we’d love to add it (email it to Nicole). You may also check out other real client reviews on Yelp

"Nicole has been an invaluable part of my recovery from a recent car accident. She is professional, reliable, and possesses a wealth of knowledge in her field. I would recommend Nicole to anyone who is looking for a caring and professional massage therapist."
Kristine K.
"I have been working with Nicole Trombley of Equilibrio Massage for the past year, and my body has never felt better! As an Esthetician I do repetitive movements for my job, and that can result in stiffness and soreness. Nicole is an expert at restoring these muscles to their full effectiveness, and my body has never felt better. Her knowledge and expertise is evident in her treatment as she expertlycombines Thai Yoga stretching, deep tissue work, and relaxation techniques. In addition, Nicole is caring, articulate, and extremely well educated in caring for pregnant women. She is a role model in the prenatal massage community, and her genuine caring nature is communicated to all of her clientele. I love to refer clients to Nicole as I know they will be in great hands."
Michelle M., Surface Esthetics
“Prenatal massage helped me tremendously through my last trimester of pregnancy. Since I had sciatica and lower back pain that prohibited me from working, my doctor prescribed physical therapy and massage. She, my doctor, recommended Nicole. Although it was a must-have due to my pain at the time, it was also a good time for me to relax pain-free. I felt rejuvenated and refreshed when finished with my massage. I have had several massages from different therapists, and Nicole made the appointments very comfortable with many pillows positioned to take stress off my hips and used a special “wedge” for pregnant bellies. She went above and beyond by showing me certain stretches to help alleviate the pain as well. I highly recommend prenatal massage to anyone that is expecting to help manage the emotional and physical changes.”
Noelle B.
"Getting a massage during my pregnancy was so great. I think all pregnant women should get massages on a regular basis. The massages really helped me to relax, relieve back pain that I was having, and helped me to sleep better at night."
Maria B.
"Nicole was an indispensable support throughout my pregnancy. She not only helped me handle my back pain, but was an important cheerleader when I felt most overwhelmed by the stress of all the changes. She is extremely professional and very knowledgeable."
"After the birth of Sarah, I was a mess. I could hardly walk without pain, and was exhausted and riding a wave of hormones. Massage not only helped calm down the kinks in my muscles to start walking again, but it gave me some needed ‘mom-only’ time to rest and start adjusting to the major changes my life had just undergone.
Karen L.
"Massage is the only thing that would help my back pain when I was pregnant. I had always had aches and pains in my back, but pregnancy took it to a new level. There were muscles aching that I didn’t even know existed. Regular massage helped keep my muscles relaxed so that surprisingly, the further I got into my pregnancy, the less I was bothered by back pain."
Christine L.

"I realized the importance of massage years before becoming pregnant. Often times I had scheduled massages for months and then would go for months without massage. After months of no massage my body would 'ache' for a massage; and following the massage my body would be extremely grateful. My body felt cleaner, I felt lighter, and tension areas were relaxed, thus affecting other parts of my body in positive ways. Once becoming pregnant, I knew that the benefit of massage would be tenfold. During pregnancy not only was my body changing physically, but my mindset too. Taking the time to spend with Nicole every couple of weeks allowed my body to relax and adjust into its new shape, as well as allow my back, a great source of tension, to relax and release permitting me to function wholly. The time spent with Nicole also allowed me to let go of any preoccupations I had about pregnancy and the life changes ahead. During the massage I could focus on myself and the health of my pregnancy. Nicole was also extremely helpful in suggesting books and resources to address the transformation of my body and offering ideas on how to tend to it. Pre and postnatal massage with Nicole was one additional, and very necessary, way I took care of myself throughout my pregnancy and birth of my son."

Michele S.


"My friend purchased my husband and I a gift certificate for Equilibrio's 'Labor Massage Instruction' where we learned many techniques to assist me with labor discomfort. I was so impressed that I came back for a postpartum massage and am happily enjoying the many benefits of massage on a regular basis. I've had the recent opportunity to become employed by Equilibrio and am pleased to help bring these services to others.

I've had a lot of massage therapy in my lifetime due to chronic back and neck pain, and I can honestly say that Nicole Trombley is the best therapist I've come across. Her depth of knowledge and wonderfully satisfying techniques far exceeded my expectations. Her massage style not only leaves me fully relaxed and tension-free, but also restores my energy and leaves me feeling healthier and happier than when I came in."

Faye H.
"When I was pregnant with my son I began getting monthly prenatal massages during my first trimester. My body had aches and pains in the strangest places, and massage helped me to relax, focus on my breathing, and decrease my stress levels. In the second trimester I began bi-monthly sessions. During that time I had soreness and lower back pain that was alleviated by massage therapy, as well as extreme anxiety due to some significant health problems with my baby. My son Connor was born with a cystic kidney, and this condition was discovered when I was 27 weeks pregnant. Massage was the only thing I could do for myself at the time that allowed me to focus on my own body and experience relief from the stress and anxiety that was so ever present in my pregnancy. When I was able to relax and focus my mind, my entire demeanor improved, and consequently my body felt better.

During my third trimester I was extremely uncomfortable, and had a lot of trouble sleeping at night. I had round ligament pain that my therapist was very skillfully able to treat, in order to increase my comfort, which helped me to sleep at night. In addition my therapist taught me techniques my husband and I could use at home in order to alleviate discomfort and cramping. She helped me to learn toposition myself so I could sleep properly, and was an amazing resource throughout my pregnancy as to what my body was saying to me though the sensations I was feeling. During my third trimester I received weekly massage, and I believe that significantly contributed to my body adjusting appropriately to end of term pregnancy, and ultimately my delivery of a healthy baby boy.

I can't say enough about prenatal massage! It is the ultimate gift you can give to take care of yourself and your unborn baby."

Michelle M.
"I would highly recommend a pregnancy massage to any expectant mother. There are dozens of reasons why but the most important for me was making “me” time. Even getting away for an hour was pure heaven. It would really revive me. I also loved the prepayment service for the discount that forced me to make sure I went even when I was really busy. Of course, once there, I always left so grateful that I went.

I have three children. For the first, I didn’t know about pregnancy massage. However during my second pregnancy, I was having horrible lower back pains and was introduced to prenatal massage for the first time. It was a lifesaver and I don’t think I would have been able to continue to work if I didn’t go and have the prenatal massage during that second pregnancy. So when we got pregnant with our third, it wasn’t an option, it was a requirement. When we budgeted things out for the upcoming child, I made sure my pregnancy massage was included. The massage wasn’t just physically needed, but an emotional necessity. After experiencing pregnancy with and without prenatal massage, there’s no comparison. It’s like you have taken a shower in cold water all your life and then you are introduced to hot showers—you’d never take a cold shower again! That’s how strongly I feel.

I thank you for taking great care of me and my baby those six months."

Stephanie N.
“I have always been a great fan of massage and a true believer in its benefits, both physically and emotionally. I have lived in San Diego for seven years and have tried several massage therapists, never quite finding the right fit (my mother is a very skilled massage therapist in Virginia, so I have high expectations). It proved an even more difficult quest once I became pregnant.

It seemed like the first several places I tried, “Pregnancy Massage” was just something they offered on their menu of treatments, but no one really specialized in the pregnant woman. Worse yet, no one seemed to believe a pregnant woman could get massage. They would be afraid to apply any pressure and would refuse to massage my lower back, (which of course, is what was killing me, especially at the end of my pregnancy). Their fear would make me feel nervous and afraid and I wouldn’t be able to relax. It didn’t even feel like I had a massage and I always left disappointed.

Until I found Equilibrio Pregnancy Massage. It was like an oasis for the pregnant woman. My therapist had a pillow to support every inch of my body. It showed me they really took the time to think about a pregnant body and how to maximize my comfort and therefore my enjoyment of my massage experience. I immediately felt that I found the specialist I had been searching for. The therapist always asked me how my body was feeling, thoughtfully listening to me complain about my aches and pains and truly trying to understand what I needed that day, always adjusting her technique massage by massage, pinpointing my problem areas and skillfully relieving me of my pain and tension. Throughout my sessions, my therapist offered techniques that I could use at home to stretch and make myself more comfortable between massages. I appreciated the depth of their knowledge of pregnancy, as well as, their technical skill at massage. I quickly realized I had found real professionals who took the time to educate themselves, continually honing their practice, becoming masters of their trade and saviors to all pregnant women everywhere.

Seriously, they always made me feel safe, happy and special. Isn’t that how every pregnant woman wants to feel?”

Suzanne M.