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Winter Massage Treatments

Now that we’ve had a little January warm up, I am happy to announce our WINTER Massage Menu:

Hot Lava Shells Our hot shells are back this winter! These shells are actual shells, heated from the inside, that are used throughoutyour massage to offer deep heat that melts through the tension and tight spots in your muscles. Hot shells are a $10 add-on to any massage.

Ecofin Heated Hand & Foot Treatments  In this treatment, your hands and/or feet are slathered in a heated deeply moisturizing lotion and then tucked into deep heated mittens and booties. Once the heated treatment has set for 10 minutes, the treatment is massaged into your skin. Ecofin treatments are $10 for the standard hand treatment or $15 for both hands and feet added on to any massage.

Hot Lavender Massage Deep heat, deep calm. In this massage, the healing properties of our Deep Lavender Rub send you into a state of calm. The herbal heat is accentuated with hot lava shells, working deep into your muscles. All while keeping you toasty warm with a series of heated herbal packs. This treatment is available as MINI 30-minute session for $55, or a full 60-minute session for $99.

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