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Yelp Deal?

Hello massage lovers! We recently posted some Yelp Deals on our Yelp page. Kinda like a Groupon, you buy these deals directly through Yelp and get a discount on our services (and then Yelp pays us). Rest assured that we chose to do a Yelp deal instead of a Groupon (which is fantastic, btw) because we wanted a lot more control — quantity sold, type of discount, etc. That means that we can just sell 5 or so and still have great availability for you.

We want to focus on QUALITY massages that are customized for you; we are not focussing on driving tons of people to our business in a way that would overwhelm us and prevent us from working with our clients. In fact, that would be sad. We love our clients. We love giving them massages. We love teaching their partners how to massage them. We love watching them become moms. We love supporting them and helping their stress melt away and aches fade away. We love them! And we want to do right by them. And you, if you are a new client.

All this to just say, that we are keeping our Yelp Deal small and reasonable, because our commitment to quality is unwavering.



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